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Dogtooth tuna Specialized JIG

2021 NEW !

#The color is common to all weights. #Only the NM color center hologram is specially designed. #The remaining three colors are currently under consideration. #Glow color emits light for a long time after phosphorescence.


Masterd Bomb Big-Cup

Powerful Loud Showy, Super Stable GT Enticing lunung Tool

This allows it to stay very close to the bubbles it creates and is the reason for its very high average hook-up percentage. Missed bites are few and far between and this is the main Masterd Bomb BIG-CUP signature characteristic. Both the short touch loud popping action and the Long Jerk diving action produce excellent results when using the Masterd Bomb BIG-CUP.


Masterd Bomb

World Class GT Baits

It is an unrivalled popping machine which we, P.D. Brand wish to express the utmost pride as we deliver it to you, the world. This is an essential piece of equipment in any serious monster hunters arsenal which we can proudly say out performs anything else available. P.D. Brand are creating and delivering a NEW WORLD STANDARD.



Sea face bubble creator --- Fatty PATROL

While the stick bait slides wildly to the left and right, the FAT PAT has a much shorter body, a bigger heavier more buoyant head and is designed 3 dimensionally. The large buoyant head creates a lot of bubbles during jerking as it, pivots, trembles and dives, mimicking the action of a real bait fish.



For HIRAMASA & TUNA swim Baits collection

It has more than enough buoyancy which is why it’s action works so well. We have reduced the size of the FATPAT《A-Quick》making it even more appetizing for targets without losing any of it’s superb turnover trick action.