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Masterd Bomb Big-Cup

Even in rough sea conditions fantastic popping control is available to the hunter with this BIG-CUP model.
There is none of the stress anglers experience fighting to get their lures not only to dive in rough conditions but to stay submerged for more than a heartbeat.
The Masterd Bomb BIG-CUP dives superbly and doesn’t rush for the surface, instead lurking in and around the bubbles it created.
The angler can take great pleasure in his rod work actioning the Masterd Bomb BIG-CUP to his hearts content.
For sure in flat conditions too its explosive power and very existence is larger than life.
It is an irresistible target for any large GT in the vicinity and it will not be ignored.
When popping, the MB Masterd Bomb BIG-CUP swallows a lot of air and produces huge bubbles and noises and acts like a parachute under the water.
This allows it to stay very close to the bubbles it creates and is the reason for its very high average hook-up percentage.
Missed bites are few and far between and this is the main Masterd Bomb BIG-CUP signature characteristic.
Both the short touch loud popping action and the Long Jerk diving action produce excellent results when using the Masterd Bomb BIG-CUP.

Note Due to the size of the cup on the Masterd Bomb BIG-CUP there is a lot of drag when actioning the lure so it is recommended that a strong rigid style rod is used.

Recommended Rods

  • World Combat GTZ Black Diamond 77
  • World Combat GTZ Black mafia 76
  • World Combat GTZ ZANZIBAR 82

Masterd Bomb BIG-CUP 170

Masterd Bomb BIG-CUP 170 Spec
【Length 180mm】 【Weight 170g】 【Wire sus304 1,8mm】
【Recommended hook size FROT 7/0 REAR 7/0 or 8/0】
【Price: 9,600-jpy

Masterd Bomb BIG-CUP 135

Masterd Bomb BIG-CUP 135 Spec
【Length 160mm】 【Weight 135g】 【Wire sus304 1,6mm】
【Recommended hook size FROT 5/0 REAR 5/0 or 6/0】
【Price: 9,000-jpy

Masterd Bomb BIG-CUP 90

Masterd Bomb BIG-CUP 90 Spec
【Length 140mm】 【Weight 90g】 【Wire sus304 1,4mm】
【Recommended hook size FROT 4/0 REAR 4/0 or 5/0】
【Price: 8,000-jpy