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Dogtooth tuna Specialized JIG

  • 220g (Length of lead body excluding wire) 118mm
  • 300g (Length of lead body excluding wire) 157mm


<NM> Near Metal Solid silver metal color base..special center hologram
<SA> Sardine Silver wave hologram blue combination color
<PS> PinkSardine Silver wave hologram Pink combination color
<HB> Hologram Blue Silver wave hologram base full blue color
<GH> Glow Hologram All glowbase center wave hologram
  • #The color is common to all weights.
  • #Only the NM color center hologram is specially designed.
  • #The remaining three colors are currently under consideration.
  • #Glow color emits light for a long time after phosphorescence.


PD-ring Hook
DDT220g #8~9 DECOY YS22-4/0
DDT300g #9~10 DECOY YS22-5/0

Please note that the hooks used in the DDT prototype are all DECOY YS-22, so the balance with the hooks of other companies is unknown.

Clear is the minimum amount of paint to sharpen jig body. it is not thickly painted with clear paint.
Thick coating of clear will impair action.

List Price NM SA PS HB GH
220g 2600 jpy 2600 jpy 2600 jpy 2600 jpy 2700 jpy
300g 3000 jpy 3000 jpy 3000 jpy 3000 jpy 3100 jpy

220g NM

220g SA

220g PS

220g HB

220g GH

300g NM

300g SA

300g PS

300g HB

300g GH