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While the stick bait slides wildly to the left and right, the FAT PAT has a much shorter body, a bigger heavier more buoyant head and is designed 3 dimensionally.
The large buoyant head creates a lot of bubbles during jerking as it, pivots, trembles and dives, mimicking the action of a real bait fish.
The Fatty PATROL floats at an angle of almost 90 degrees, which in turn produces the maximum amount of bubbles when actioned.
Under the surface too the movement, shape and design produce a “flashing” action, which is fantastically lifelike and will undoubtedly provoke any lurking GT.
The hooks have also been moved from the traditional positions to more central positions increasing the effectiveness when bitten.

≪How to use≫

  • Ⅰ.Be conscious of line slack when jerking. If there is too much slack then both the bubble
    production and under water flashing action will be impaired.
  • Ⅱ.Slow tempo twitching action is mot recommended. Instead it is our recommendation that continual
    jerking action is employed.
  • Ⅲ.If you remove the rear hook & depend on only the front hook, the trembling and flashing actions
    can be intensified.

FATPAT 《A-Quick》295-180

FATPAT 《A-Quick》295-180 SPEC
【Length 295mm】 【weight 180g】 【Wire sus304 1,8mm】
【Better hook size FRONT: 8/0 REAR: 7/0 or 8/0】
【Price: 9,300-jpy

FATPAT 《A-Quick》260-150

FATPAT 《A-Quick》260-150 SPEC
【Length 260mm】 【weight 150g】 【Wire sus304 1,8mm】
【Better hook size FRONT: 6/0 REAR: 6/0】
【Price: 9,000-jpy

FATPAT 《A-Quick》240-110

FATPAT 《A-Quick》240-110 SPEC
【Length 240mm】 【weight 110g】 【Wire sus304 1,6mm】
【Better hook size FRONT: 4/0 REAR: 4/0】
【Price: 8,400-jpy