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It has more than enough buoyancy which is why it’s action works so well.

We have reduced the size of the FATPAT《A-Quick》making it even more appetizing for targets without losing any of it’s superb turnover trick action.
With popping in mind the lure can be actioned to dive and create plenty of bubbles.
When popping, if the Angler applies a long stroke jerk, the turnover action will cause the lure to flit to and fro in the shape of the letter ‘S’.
It looks and acts just like a real bait fish. If the Angler applies a hard, sharp jerk then the head of the lure will zigzag sharply in the shape of the letter ‘Z’.

While these are the two main actions of the Baby PAT there is another.
If the angler applies even more aggressive rod work and allows for some slack in the line then the lure will act just like
a panicked bait-fish, splashing about on the surface with nowhere to run providing an irresistibly tempting snack for any nearby targets.
Whichever rod work you choose to employ at any given time we recommend that you do it continuously as the action really
is lifelike and even if you think the action has become disorganized, keep going as it looks natural and will be noticed by lurking prey.

Like the Fat Pat the Baby PAT is constructed using natural wood.

  • Note1)
    The Baby PAT is small. It is very different from a heavy weight Popper. Thus, hook size is a very important
    consideration.We at PD recommend you use our suggested hook size.
  • Note2)
    If you feel the action is not so good in some conditions we recommend that you reduce the size if the

Baby PAT 180-50【F】

Baby PAT 180-50【F】SPEC
【Length 180mm】 【weight 50g】 【Wire sus304 1,6mm】
【Recommended HOOK SIZE DECOY YS-22 FRONT & REAR 3/0】
【Price: STANDARD COLOR 9,600-jpy MAZIORA COLOR 10,200-jpy

Baby PAT 200-65【F】

Baby PAT 200-65【F】SPEC
【Length 200mm】 【weight 65g】 【Wire sus304 1,6mm】
【Recommended HOOK SIZE DECOY YS-22 FRONT & REAR 4/0】
【Price: STANDARD COLOR 9,800-jpy MAZIORA COLOR 10,400-jpy

Baby PAT 220-90【F】

Baby PAT 220-90【F】SPEC
【Length 220mm】 【weight 90g】 【Wire sus304 1,6mm】
【Recommended HOOK SIZE DECOY YS-22 FRONT & REAR 4/0 or 5/0 】
【Price: STANDARD COLOR 9,900-jpy MAZIORA COLOR 10,500-jpy

DECOY YS-22 [#4/0 #5/0] Recommended Ring Size PROSTOCK RING #8~10
DECOY YS-22 [#3/0] Recommended Ring Size PROSTOCK RING #7~8