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PD brand are very proud to announce that the WORLD COMBAT GT-Z is now complete and ready for delivery. Another incredibly innovative addition to the range of PD Brand products, this rod is armed with Para Aramid braided graphite and has no rival on the market. In fact we will go so far to say that it is incomparable with anything available today.

“Why?” You ask?….well the unique design and Aramid fibre composite combined with multi purpose graphite in a perfect harmony provide incredible strength and flexibility. The WORLD COMBAT GT-Z, being made from composite multi graphite and Aramid fiber allows the monster hunter to achieve incredibly long fluid casts with ease. The lure control is incredibly precise and the feeling of control unrivalled. The incredible batting power and action is just thrilling for the hunter as he reels on his prey.

PD brand are introducing an entirely new and original idea. Fusing the WORLD COMBAT GT-Z with titanium low rider guides. This harmonious union of setting plus unique rod engineering provides the monster hunter with and incredibly balanced, powerful and effective arsenal.

This system is unmatched. PD Brand can proudly go so far as to say that this system is perfection realized. Others will try to follow we are sure but none will achieve the quality we are providing now. The commanding performance of the PD Brand WORLD COMBAT GT-Z reigns supreme and will continue to reign supreme over all other following brands.

Nothing else available can be compared with the WORLD COMBAT GT-Z. Whilst the exterior is fabulous to the point of eroticism the incredibly high level of technology and engineering that has gone into the development, design and manufacture of this unique and perfect product is breathtaking. It’s beautifully clad on the outside but within is the heart of a warrior.
The Katana (Japanese SAMURAI sword) is considered the best sword ever made.
The WORLD COMBAT GT-Z is the Katana of fishing rods looking only for a skilled hunter to wield it.

This is why we, PD Brand, can proudly say that the WORLD COMBAT GT-Z is both audacious and supreme.
The limits of this rod are incalculable. Users WILL catch monsters as if by magic and the performance will arouse the monster hunter almost as much as the thrill of battling the monster itself. For spectators watch the monster hunter and his WORLD COMBAT GT-Z it will seem like magic. You need to actually hold the worlds best to truly understand.

Armed Para Aramid Braided Graphite
P・D Engineering


Only available in spinning models.

The blank is made up with para aramid Braided + Hi Tension, Hi Torque Graphite Accumulated Fiber

Material Parts

Grip EVA 【Black / Red Two-tone】
Reel Seat DPS22-IC LD 【IP Shiny Gray Long NUT】
Rod End Grip Guard Machine cutting hold spacer【Titanium Finish】

Model/Grip Length

(Diamond 77)
Front Grip 240mm
Rear Grip 410mm (End of Reel sheet from End of Butt cap)
(other model)
Front Grip 260mm
Rear Grip 410mm (End of Reel sheet from End of Butt cap)

Dual Layard Extra Power
World Combat GTZ MNSG System

MODEL length Action Lure wt Line wt section TARGET Power Ratio Drag Setting PRICE
Black Mafia 76 MNSG 7’6″ Medium
Max250g PE#8~#12 1&half Giant Trevaly AAA 8kg~17kg Jpy 95000
Black Diamond77 MNSG 7’7″ Medium
Max230g PE#8~#10 1&half Giant Trevaly AA 8kg~15kg Jpy 90000
Diamond 77 MNSG 7’7″ Regular Max170g PE#5~#8 1&half Giant Trevaly A 6kg~12kg Jpy 87000

Aramid Kevlar CYBER SHAFT Spec

MODEL Length Line Initial Drag (kg) Max Drag (kg) Max Lure wt. Power Ratio Setting of Better Reels size Rod wt,
Ultimate 59 5,9″ PE#5-8 8kg~18kg 18kg 200g-700g AAA SHIMANO 20000PG / DAIWA 18000P 510g
Extreme 59 5,9″ PE#5-6 8kg~15kg 15kg 200g-500g AA SHIMANO 20000PG / DAIWA 18000P 500g
Ultra 59 5,9″ PE#5-6 6kg~14kg 15kg 150g-500g AA SHIMANO 20000PG / DAIWA 18000P 455g
Diamond 57 5,7″ PE#4-6 6kg~12kg 14kg 100g-400g A SHIMANO 20000PG / DAIWA 18000P 440g
Platinum 58 5,8″ PE#4-5 5kg~12kg 12kg 100g-300g A SHIMANO 20000PG / DAIWA 18000P 450g
GRAND Adventure pacⅡ
592/70LB 5,9″ PE#5-8 6kg~15kg 17kg 150g-500g AA SHIMANO 20000PG / DAIWA 18000P 440g
572/50LB 5,7″ PE#4-6 6kg~12kg 14kg 100g-400g A SHIMANO 20000PG / DAIWA 18000P 420g
592/35LB 5,9″ PE#3-5 4kg~11kg 12kg 80g~250g BBB SHIMANO 8000PG-14000PG / DAIWA8000P-14000P 370g
552/30LB 5,5″ PE#3-4 4kg~10kg 11kg 80g~200g BB SHIMANO 8000PG-14000PG / DAIWA8000P-14000P 345g
Vertical competition
Extreme 52 5,2″ PE#5-8 6kg~18kg 18kg 200g-600g AA SHIMANO 20000PG / DAIWA 18000P 455g
Ultra 52 5,2″ PE#4-6 6kg~15kg 15kg 200g-450g A SHIMANO 20000PG / DAIWA 18000P 450g
Diamond 52 5,2″ PE#4-6 5kg~13kg 13kg 150g-400g A SHIMANO 20000PG / DAIWA 18000P 425g
Platinum 53 5,3″ PE#4-6 5kg~12kg 13kg 100g-300g BBB SHIMANO 8000PG-14000PG / DAIWA8000P-14000P 390g
World Discovery pac Ⅱ
GT 77/#8 7,7″ PE#6-10 6kg~15kg 15kg 190g AA SHIMANO 18000HG-20000PG /DAIWA 18000P/H-20000H 470g
GT 81/ #6 8,1″ PE#5-8 5kg~13kg 13kg 170g A SHIMANO 18000HG-20000PG /DAIWA 18000P/H-20000H 450g
King Fish 81/ #5 8,1″ PE#4-6 4kg~12kg 12kg 110g BBB SHIMANO 8000PG-14000PG/XG / DAIWA8000P/H-14000P/H 430g
World Combat GTZ
Black mafia 76 7,6″ PE#8-12 8kg~17kg 17kg 140g-230g AAA SHIMANO 18000HG-20000PG /DAIWA 18000P/H-20000H 515g
Black Diamond 77 7,7″ PE#8-10 8kg~15kg 15kg 100g-200g AA SHIMANO 18000HG-20000PG /DAIWA 18000P/H-20000H 500g
Diamond 77 7,7″ PE#5-8 6kg~12kg 12kg 80g-170g A SHIMANO 18000HG-20000PG /DAIWA 18000P/H-20000H 490g
ZANZIBAR 82 8,2″ PE#8-12 6kg~17kg 17kg 120g-230g AAA SHIMANO 18000HG-20000PG /DAIWA 18000P/H-20000H 520g
83 ZX 8,3″ PE#5-8 7kg~15kg 15kg 50g-140g AA SHIMANO 18000HG-20000PG /DAIWA 18000P/H-20000H 530g
79 ZX 7,9″ PE#5-8 7kg~15kg 15kg 50g-140g AA SHIMANO 18000HG-20000PG /DAIWA 18000P/H-20000H 500g
Platinum 78 7,8″ PE#4-6 5kg~10kg 12kg 50g-120g A SHIMANO 18000HG-20000PG /DAIWA 18000P/H-20000H 475g
81 TK-R 8,1″ PE#3-6 4kg~12kg 13kg 40g-100g BBB SHIMANO 8000PG-14000PG/XG / DAIWA8000P/H-14000P/H 450g
77 TK-R 7,7″ PE#3-6 4kg~10kg 12kg 30g-80g BBB SHIMANO 8000PG-14000PG/XG / DAIWA8000P/H-14000P/H 430g